Monday, November 3, 2008

Crochet - It's Amazing

Crocheting has been enjoyed by women for generations. It is popular because you can make exquisite garments and decorative items for the home. Crocheting also allows you to create while you relax and catch your favorite TV show or listen to soothing music, and you can crochet some amazing things.

A crocheted project gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment. A blanket, sweater or just a scarf will give you a great feeling of pride once it is finished, and it will feel warmer and snugglier knowing you made it yourself. Imagine how special a child will feel knowing a big warm blanket was made by loving hands just for them!

At first, you should stick with natural fibers and yarns. They will grab the crochet hook a bit better and they are easier to work with.

Just as important as the materials you use is the way that you hold them in your hand. By learning the right way to hold your crochet hook and yarn from day one, it will be much easier for you to learn the basics correctly and avoid having to relearn how to hold things.

It is very important to get enough yarn or fibers for the whole project before you begin stitching. This way all the material will be from the same dye lot. Each package of yarn will be numbered and you must make sure they all match. This ensures that all the yarn will match, and you won’t get half a sweater being one shade and the other half being another shade.

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